The Buying Tips for Hybrid Clubs

Hybrid clubs are used in golf, combining the designs of both irons and woods. The name “hybrid” comes from genetics, pertaining to a mixture of two species that exhibit desirable characteristics from both. Using these clubs will certainly increase the golfer’s success and bring more satisfaction.

A golfer should assess first his current clubs and his personal encounters on the golf course before deciding to purchase a few hybrid clubs or even a complete club set.

1.The need for hybrids

Actually, these clubs are not necessary for the sport, but every golf player can enjoy the benefits of having at least a couple of these hybrid items.

2.Choosing for the best hybrids

Hybrids were only recently developed and yet, have already become popular since they have the combined desirable features of two different types of club. Hybrids are suitable for those golfers who want to replace their long irons that are quite hard to use. More importantly, these clubs have better loft that determine how high off the ground the ball travels. Simply put, sufficient loft is necessary to launch the ball over roughs and other hazards. It is easier to use a hybrid when faced with the challenge of getting out of sand traps and bunkers.

3.Types of clubs with hybrids

Among the available hybrid variants, hybrid irons are the most popular. There are also hybrid woods, hybrid putters, and hybrid wedges but they are few and far between. The hybrid iron’s popularity is mainly due to the difficulty many golfers experience with non-hybrid irons.

4.Hybrid irons

The limitations of non-hybrid irons gave way to the rise of hybrid long irons. Conventional irons have a small head which make it harder to find the “sweet spot”, and a long shaft which makes the swing harder to control. These are much too challenging to use for casual golfers, which is why many try to use woods instead of irons. Woods are designed to hit the ball and launch it for longer distances.
Hybrid irons essentially solve these issues. The head of the hybrid iron is the same size as that of the wood, so as to minimize missed shots. On the most part, hybrid irons have the same swing weight as non-hybrids. The transition to using hybrid irons is easier for the golfer because of the higher trajectory such clubs possess.

 Hybrid Clubs5.Hybrid woods

A wood or driver is the club with the longest shot and the lowest loft. It is commonly used to tee off in the beginning of each hole. This club is used to move the ball from the fairway to the green, but it is not practical to use in tight spots, in roughs, or even under the trees due to its head’s size and shape.
These issues were solved with the introduction of hybrid woods, which boast slightly smaller heads than their non-hybrid counterparts (albeit being larger those of long irons). These clubs also allow for easier swings in difficult spot, such as in roughs or under the tree.

6.Hybrid wedges

These feature the large flat sole that allow for a smoother stroke with no chop. These hybrids are relatively rare clubs, having yet to garner popularity from the golfing community.

7.Ways to choose hybrid clubs

A golfer can replace a club with a hybrid by purchasing individually or by set.

8.Purchasing a set of clubs.

Golfers may choose to buy a complete set of golf clubs, a hybrid 3-iron and hybrid 4-iron. The long-iron hybrid set includes the popular hybrid long irons.

9.Purchasing individual clubs.

It is highly suggested that if a golfer plans to purchase a new club, he should choose one that’s from the same manufacturer (or of comparable quality) as the other clubs in his collection. This can help the golfer better predict where the shot is going to land.

10.Price and quality.

Price is a practical consideration in just about any purchase. Hybrid clubs are usually more expensive than non-hybrids. The price depends on the material, function, and quality of the clubs. There’s always a correlation between the price of a club and quality. The quality is being measured by the performance of the clubs when hitting a ball. High quality clubs have larger “sweet spots” so the ball will go farther and straighter.
The materials used in the shaft of the club affect the price. Titanium is most expensive. Graphite would be next in terms of cost, while steel is the least expensive material used.
Hybrid clubs could be considered an asset for many golfers as they bring enhanced accuracy and consistency. They vary in size, style, and price. Adding a couple of new clubs to a golfer’s collection could potentially make a huge impact in determining each game’s outcome.